About us

Octocon, the National Irish Science Fiction Convention, is a weekend celebration of our favourite stories from books, comics, TV, films and games; attracting artists, writers, film-makers and fans from across the human sphere of influence.

The first Octocon was held in 1990,  Terry Pratchett was our  first Guest of Honour and over the years  some of our guests have included Anne McCaffrey, JG Jones, Tanith Lee, Mike Carey, George R.R. Martin and Gail Simone.

For one weekend in October, we gather together, to talk about all the wonders we have read and watch over the year. To share our favorite moments from Book, Tv Comics and films.  To delve into the unsung genres and curious concepts of Speculative Fiction. To take part in workshops, panel discussions and charming guest speakers. To see what ‘must haves’ are in the Traders Hall. To experience the fun which is Octocon.